There are so many different types of siding options for your home. And all these siding options can come in a variety of colors ranging from muted neutrals to bold, bright shades. Even if you choose a traditional profile, you can contrast it by selecting a dark, rich hue. Here are 5 vinyl siding options that you can chose for your home.

Lap Siding
Lap siding is the most traditional of profiles and is available is a variety of widths. This siding choice is ideal for historical-looking homes. Since it is available in a larger profile, colonial-style homes are a perfect match.

Dutch Lap Siding
Dutch lap is a different take on the traditional lap siding. The sharper lines of this profile create more contrast between the planks, adding more pronounced shadow lines. This cladding option pairs nicely with smaller homes in order to create more visual interest.

Beaded Siding
This siding is one of the most distinctive ones showcasing a beaded seam that casts a subdued shadow. Each siding plank features a rounded notch on the bottom edge. This cladding choice is well suited for traditional homes. When siding was handmade, this added feature was only on very upscale estates. In keeping with tradition, beaded siding is still the main choice in the Carolina’s.

Log siding
Yes indeed, you can get the look of log siding with vinyl. Wood log siding is usually quite expensive and carries a fair share of maintenance. By choosing vinyl log siding, you will obtain that lovely cottage charm with the added benefits of vinyl. Available is variegated shades to further mimic the authentic look of wood.

Polypropylene Shake Siding
Borrowing from the look of real wood cedar shake, polypropylene shakes and shingles offer the style without all the maintenance. This vinyl shake is perfect for cottages adding beautiful rustic charm and warmth.

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