Even if you have stayed on top of your roofing repairs there will still come a time where you have to replace the roof. This is an inevitable experience. Getting the timing right is vital and will save you money. To start of you should look for signs of replacing then repairing.

Here are some signs to look for:

Excessive repairs:
There comes a point when you are repairing your roof too much. If you are having to
constantly repair your roof  this is a strong sign that you are throwing good money at a bad problem. Continuously chasing after new leaks is not good practice. When you start to add up all the repairs you’ve had to do, plus the disruption costs, or the cost of repairing wet or damaged areas in the house, and the time spent dealing with all of this then you will see that replacing the roof is a better investment.

The roof is marking its 25th anniversary:
Age will catch up with a roof as some point. After years being exposed to cold, wet, heat, and wind it will surely take a toll on the roof. You want to take a look at when the roof was built or last replaced. If it is 25 years or more in age then your annual repairs will most likely not be enough to sustain it. Repairing a roof that is 25+ years is not cost-effective for most roof systems.

Granules in the gutters:
This one will require you to physically get up on a ladder and look at the gutters around your roof. You want to look for granules in the gutter. This means that the shingles or modified bitumen are losing their protective covering. With and shingle or modified roof you will need to keep an eye out for granule build up, especially after heavy rainfall. If there is a lot of granules then that means long term damage. The only option you will have is to replace the roof.

The roof is sagging in too many places:
When your roof starts to sag that is never a good sign and you know you are in trouble. When this happens that typically means that the underlying insulation is not in the best shape and in extreme cases, the structural wood or steel decking is starting to collapse. A contractor might be able to repair a weakness, giving you a few more years until a full replacement is needed. Once your roof a whole begins to sag, and it is more than a few spots, then replacing is the only option. Also if your roof is sagging in too many places then it will never recover and will need full replacement.

Your contractor is telling you:
If your trusted BP Builder roofers are telling you that it is time to replace your roof, then we suggest listening to what we have to say. The experience that we have is invaluable and can save you money in the long run even if you think you can avoid full replacement with annual repairs.

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