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Not only do we do the install work and clean up but we also offer full home remodeling and home renovation. Remodeling and upgrading your home is an exciting experience. Whether you have recently purchased a home that needs a retrofit or some work, or you have been in your home for years and it’s time to make some upgrades, we provide full service interior and exterior remodeling for all of your needs. Our team is dedicated to first class customer service to ensure that you have a superior experience.

Remodeling your home is a great way to open up your main floor, modernize your kitchen or bathrooms, create a lower level media center, add an extra room, or refresh your home for selling, BP Builders LLC’s is the right partner for the project.

•    Years of experience: Although this should not be a primary selection criterion, a contractor with several years of expertise in the industry has shown that they are experienced and well-established.

•    Check their website: Having a website allows you to visit and see the company’s previous works and also have an idea of the home remodeling services they offer. You will also be able to see their reliability through various comments of their past clients. Besides, it shows that the company is serious in all its dealings.

•    License and Insurance: It is necessary you check their licenses and if possible, verify it before hiring their services. Also, a reputable construction company will include insurance coverage for their services, which is another important thing to consider before signing deals with any of these companies.

•    The method of hiring: Before you hire a contractor in Connecticut, ask about how they employ their sub-contractors. Clearly ask whether or not they have health and safety policy of their workers as. This is because there are lots of hazards involved in the building processes.

•    Ensure that the company is registered and approved by the government.

After completing the above steps, the next thing would be to proceed with the construction process.

What Construction Services Involve

When you hire BP Builders construction service in Connecticut, they will help to:

•    Evaluate your entire building needs

•    Arrange financing

•    Find a perfect site with necessary testing (if you have not gotten one)

•    Supervise site plans

•    Manage and secure all subcontractors

•    Offer bonding to ensure your project is completed

Commercial Construction Services

When it comes to commercial buildings, huge capital finances are often invested. Therefore, it is essential that the remodeling service you choose be able to fulfill all the rules, legal formalities, norms and regulations that need to be adhered to in your locality before starting any construction. A reputable contractor in Connecticut will first make every necessary plan for the development and then work according to your needs for the remodeling, renovation or the construction of that big project.

Home improvement site hazards

Construction sites are known to be potentially unsafe and accident-prone. Too much exposure to these risks exposes workers to various degrees of injury and possible death. A few of these development site hazards include: electrical, excavation and trenching, falls, scaffolding, stairways and ladder and heavy equipment among others. A reputable company in Connecticut will ensure that its workers are aware of these and several other risks, and continually work to prevent them from happening. For the best services, nothing is as good as hiring a reputable and specialized contractor in Connecticut. Failure to do that may result in time and money wastage.

Furthermore, hiring a home improvement company to manage your building process can be stress-free and can also make your dream a reality. They will guide your project from start to finish, including your initial concept, planning, execution and occupancy (in a case of a rental property).
From conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, working drawings to construction and final walk-through, BP Builders LLC will complete each step.


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