With autumn quickly approaching, you will soon begin raking the leaves out of your yard, brushing them off the car, and tracking them into your house. One key area that you need to keep clean is your gutters. Your gutters should be cleaned and prepared for the winter months.

During your fall clean up, gutter maintenance is very important, but is often overlooked. Before the winter weather sets in, it is very important to clean any fallen leaves out of your gutters and drain system.

Your gutters should be cleaned at least twice each year. If your gutters are not cleaned and cleared out, then rainwater, ice, and snow can dam up the gutter and cause it to overflow. Any of these factors could also cause the gutter system to come loose. Gutters allow for rain water to drain away from the house, and prevents water damage to windows, siding, foundation, and the roof.

Find the Correct Ladder for the job

You will want to choose a sturdy ladder and a sturdy base to place the ladder. The safest ladder would be to use a step ladder is possible. If you have to use an extension ladder then you want to place it carefully against the gutter. Also as a safety precaution, never stand on the top 2 rungs of the ladder and make sure you have someone spot you on the ground while you are on the ladder.

Scoop Out any Loose Debris

You will want to wear heavy gloves when reaching into the gutters to protect your hands from any nails, screws, and metal shards. You will carefully want to scoop the loose debris out of the gutters. Always work away from the drain outlet when cleaning out the gutters. For easier disposal you should scoop the debris into a plastic bucket.

Blast the gutters with a hose

Use a hose with a high pressure nozzle to individually wash out the length of each gutter. You will want to work towards the drain outs when doing this

Clean obstructions in Drain Pipes

If you notice that the water from the hose is not draining freely through the drain pipes, you will want to sue a plumbers snake. The snake will allow you to pull debris free from the bottom or in some cases push ti through from the top. When the water flows easily through the gutter then you know drain is cleared.

You want to inspect your drains and gutters during the spring and autumn months. If your home is closely surrounded by trees then you will need to do more than 2 inspections a year. Remember, keeping your drains and gutters clean from debris can prevent damage to siding, windows, foundation, and roofs.

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