Metal roofs can be crafted from various metal types, all of which come with different costs, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the types of metal roofing available:

Aluminum: Aluminum metal roofs are often used in coastal areas, because aluminum is more resistant to salt corrosion than other metal roof types.

The drawbacks of aluminum roofing: While the price of aluminum can fluctuate, this type of residential metal roofing can be costly. Some homeowners choose another metal type with an aluminum coating.

Copper: Copper roofing has been used in buildings across the globe for centuries, and today, it remains a beautiful metal roof option. Many homeowners appreciate the durability and aesthetic appeal of this metal.

The drawbacks of copper roofing: Copper is typically more costly than the other metals on this list, and can present a significant upfront cost.

Steel: Residential steel roofing is one of the most popular types of metal roofing. Steel roofing offers a great deal of strength and durability, and is typically priced at a lower rate than aluminum, copper, or zinc.

The drawbacks of steel roofing: Steel itself doesn’t offer much in the way of corrosion resistance, but modern steel roofs are typically treated with durable coatings and finishes designed to protect the material from corrosion and rust.

Zinc: Zinc roofing offers great durability and strength, plus zinc can be self-healing; if your zinc roof is scratched, the material will work to repair itself over time.

The drawbacks of zinc roofing: Zinc may shift into a blue/green chalky appearance if left unpainted. Zinc is also a softer metal and can be damaged by hail depending on the design.

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