Do you have a shingle roof on your home? Have you had to deal with several roofing issues? Are you unsure of the age of your roof? If you answered yes to any of these questions then here is a trick that can help you know if your shingle roof is at the end of its life.


If the fiberglass backing on a shingle is starting to show through then you will want to look for a shine on your roof.  This is because the fiberglass backing will give off a sheen when it is hit by direct sunlight. This is a clear sign that the fiberglass on your roof is becoming exposed. If you start to see a shine on your roof then it is likely that your roof is at the end of its lifecycle. 


On of the simplest things for a homeowner to check on their shingle roof is to give it a visual inspection from the ground and look for any fiberglass that is showing through.

Asphalt shingles are bound to a fiberglass backing. When the asphalt layers begin to wear down then the fiberglass behind them will start to show through.  If you start to notice that the fiberglass backing has started to show through, then it is likely that your roof is about to need to be replaced.


If you can see the fiberglass showing through on your shingles from the ground, then the best thing to do is call a high-quality

roofing contractor and request an inspection. There is no need for you as a homeowner to get on the roof to check the wear on their shingles. Having a roofing contractor come out will help you get a sense of how much longer the shingles have left and if is time to have them replaced. If the roof of a home has been replaced or repaired in sections, a contractor will also let you know if a repair on the most vulnerable sections is recommended.


Most homeowners with shingle roofs can check to see if there are signs of roof wear right from the ground.  If you start to notice that your shingle roof has a shine to it when hit by the direct sunlight, then it is likely the fiberglass backing is starting to show on the shingles.  When the fiberglass backing begins to shine, then it means that the shingle is reaching the end of its life.  While this isn’t the only indicator that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, it is a simple method that will give homeowners a good sense of their roofs life.

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