Many homeowners want a skylight in their home as they can help brighten their home as well as add improve their interior. Many aren’t aware that they also help to reduce your energy bill when properly installed. There is also the added bonus that they can make your home warm and inviting. But this big question is if can you still have a skylight, even though you have a metal roof in New England? The simple answer is yes. We have provided you with a rundown of what skylights do for your home and what to consider when having one installed on a metal roof.


On of the best ways to kill microbes is with some good old-fashioned sunlight. Microbes are prone to grow in dark places like your basement, attic, and bathrooms. This can put dangerous spores into the air. By adding a skylight into your home you are allowing natural sunlight to flow which keeps the air quality in your home healthy.

Natural Light & Energy Efficiency:

One of the great benefits to owning a metal roofs is their energy efficiency. By adding a skylight to your home you are also increasing the sustainability factor of your home by adding a source of natural lighting and passive solar heat. The use of natural light decreases the need for conventional lighting, which also decreases your energy bill. Plus, the sun in the wintertime brings warmth, which can also cut your heating costs. Now you might be thinking, well what about the summer months, you don’t want your home warmer during that time. Well with the use of a remote-controlled shade you can help block any extra heat from entering your home.

Replace Skylights Over 10 Years Old

Window and skylight technology has changed drastically over the last 10 years. In the past an old window pane would let out a lot of heat during harsh Connecticut winters and would let in a lot of heat during the summer.So if you have a skylight that is more than 10 years old then you will want to have it replaced. Your skylight should only be double-paned with a low-E coating. This difference between materials can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill over the course of the next 10 years.

Use Good Flashing

The kind of material that you use can make all of the difference this is especially true with skylights. Your skylight should have flashing around it that was installed by one of our professionals at BP Builders. You only get one shot at making them waterproof during installation and want to make sure that it is done right. It’s better to spend the money and do it right the first time, instead of regretting it later when there is water damage on your home.

Consider Orientation/ Location

The orientation of your skylight should benefit the interior of your home. By choosing an area that has southern-exposure then the skylight only adds heat in the colder months but won’t add too much in the warmer months. However if you choose a western exposure skylight then are likely to add to your cooling costs especially if you are in a sunny climate. Choosing the placement of your skylight carefully is very important. Choose wrong and your home can turn into an unwanted oven.

Proper placement, high-quality flashing and new technology all give skylights function in your home. If you are replacing your roof, consider adding a skylight to your design plan or replacing your existing skylights with more efficient technology to improve your home.

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