Perform an Outdoor Inspection

Look for missing and damaged shingles on your roof or shingles or pieces of roofing materials around your property (damaged shingles might be curled, cracked, or torn). If this type of damage is only affecting a small area, roofing repairs might be able to address the problem.

Roofing damage by wind can cause roof leakage into your home and require immediate repairs to keep from causing interior damage. Additionally, most insurance companies have coverage for wind damage to your roof. Talk to one of our expert roofing experts to see if you have a valid insurance claim. Many times we can get most if not all of the damage covered, and sometimes you may even qualify for a new roof.

Check Your Downspouts

High winds and heavy rains can wash away the granules from the shingles, and load them into the gutter. Look for excessive shingle granules around your downspouts where they spill onto the ground, and if you find them, call us so we can inspect the condition of your roof.

Perform an Interior Inspection

Check your attic or top floor for any wet spots or stains on your plywood, rafters ceilings, or walls. Often the leaks are evident in the attic space long before they show up inside your house.



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