Warning Signs from your Roof

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is applied during a roof replacement to ensure watertight protection on all joints of your roof. As a result of compromised flashing, you may notice damaged or warped siding. Damaged flashing has the potential to welcome water underneath your shingles, and eventually into your home.

Algae Growth

Roof algae will appear as discoloration of the shingles, dark streaks, or even a blanket of mossy growth if left untreated. Algae is a sign that moisture is present which highly affects the performance of your shingles. Over time, this growth shifts the shingles at different angles, allowing water to enter beneath the shingles, ultimately making its way inside the home.

 Curling Shingles

Your roof is susceptible to leaks if your shingles are curled or deformed. Curled shingles are typically found on outdated roofs that have experienced years of water absorption combined with poor ventilation. Curled shingles fail to provide the home with the proper protection to seal out moisture.

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