What to Know About Shingle Roofing

Shingles are cheaper, easier to install, and more durable.

Because manufacturers can create shingles in bulk, they are typically cheaper than other roofing materials. They also require less training and expertise to install, which lowers the cost of labor. In addition to these benefits, asphalt shingle roofing has a long expected lifetime. Depending on the specific shingles you choose, you can expect your roof to last anywhere from 10 to 30+ years.

Shingles come in many colors and textures.

When asphalt shingles became popular in the early 1900s, they were only available in two colors: green or black. Today, however, asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors, from classic black to natural earth tones and contemporary reds, blues, and greens. Modern shingle roofing can also be beautifully textured to mimic slate, wood, or tile—making the roof safer and lower maintenance without sacrificing style.

Asphalt shingle roofing is lightweight.

An important consideration for any roof is the weight. Depending on its age or construction, your home may not be able to support certain materials, especially heavy ones like clay tiles or slate. Luckily, asphalt shingles—especially the 3-tab ones—are incredibly light and work with most any home.

There are two major types of asphalt shingles.

Two of the most popular shingle styles are 3-tab and architectural. Three-tab shingles are designed such that one piece looks like three separate shingles, and they usually lay completely flat against the roofing installation. Architectural shingles are thicker and less uniform than 3-tab shingles to add a more dimensional appearance. While 3-tab shingles are typically more affordable, architectural shingles perform better and last longer.

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